How the Pressures of Society Can Lead Us Into Crime

Most of us grew up in school complying with peer pressure to do the wrong thing because we wanted to be liked and accepted by others. In our adult life we gain wisdom and experience that makes us better judges of how far we would go to be accepted by others. What is not so obvious are the pressures of this balancing act that can vary from person to person. Below are some of the typical scenarios in which we find ourselves in and the pressures that may lead us into crime. This is not to say that we should willingly become victims of this pressure but it is to give us the awareness that is required to overcome them.

Fame and fortune

Depending on who we are fame and fortune can be as disastrous as the pleasures that come with it. In today’s world celebrity status along with fame and fortune makes it the most desirable way of being loved and accepted by others. This in turn feeds vanity and naturally vexation of the spirit leading us into turmoil and all sorts of problems if we do not comprehend what is happening. With celebrity status we should know that we are still doing a job for others. The public does not love us on personal terms because they do not know this person as an individual. The public loves what we represent and if this does not meet their expectations then we fall in status before their eyes. When this happens it is very easy for us to fall into crime and despondence because we lose whom we think we once were. The key thing here is remembering that we are only human. None of us is Christ and so we would make mistakes and be ridiculed. We must remember that everything has a time and place and no one stays on top forever. If we lose the attention, acceptance and love that we once felt it is not generally down to us but rather to time and the cause of events.

Blinded by sight

What we see in the different forms of media of what others have, make us believe that unless we have the same then we cannot attain true happiness. The pressure of being like everyone else and owning those things that others have can lead us to commit crime. We may steal, lie and cheat just to become like those we admire and eventually end up in trouble. The thing to remember here is we never see what lies beyond these riches. All of us have a cross to bear in spite of what others may think. The rich have to worry about losing their riches by the same token that the poor worries about getting rich. No man’s life is perfect and for this reason it may be healthy to aspire to be like others but we should remember that when we get there it won’t be the end of our problems. There is a balance of all things and not all that we see is what is.

Misguided loyalties

Another factor of society that could lead us into crime is misguided loyalties. Whether it is for family or friends or following a trend in society we may see that which is wrong and decide to turn a blind eye to it. Perhaps we think we are doing this for all the right reasons but unfortunately this case of loyalty can only result in putting us in trouble. It is wise during these situations to not only be emotional but be objective and rational. We should have compassion but give an eye to the bigger picture and the repercussions for our actions.

Morals and the spirit

Another confusing element is what is deemed to be morally correct and that which is spiritual. We must always listen to the spirit first and foremost before listening to the moral side of any situation. The spirit never lies, as this is the breath of life from God within us. The morals of society do not necessarily abide to the spiritual word of God and for that reason there might be a conflict within us of how to act. It is better to suffer for a crime that is deemed a failure in society than to disobey the word of God. God created all men and if we suffer for his word then we shall reap greater rewards than we ever imagined.

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