How to Choose a Good Online Advertising Agency

The process of choosing the right online advertising agency to help grow your business should never be hurried. When selecting a creative marketing firm to hire, you should always start by considering what they can offer.

Service and Product Range

Start with what the company is best known for offering. It’s akin to selecting a restaurant. You want to know exactly what’s on the menu, what kind of cuisine or cuisines the dishes represent and approximately how much you would be spending on an average-sized meal for two.

As for online marketing companies, you have to be just as specific.

  • Study the products and services they are currently offering
  • Learn what their fields of expertise is
  • Request a price quotation on your project or at least a price list of what they are offering.

Team Composition

Marketing campaigns – even those narrow in scope – essentially involve tasks that require a variety of specialized skills. As such, it is unlikely that a single person can do everything on his or her own. When hiring a marketing agency, you must make sure that the agency will be able to provide you with an entire team to work with on your campaign. At the very least, there must be one different person assigned to each task.

  • Web, mobile, and digital services
  • Outdoor media
  • Branding

You should also take the time to dig deep and find out about the qualifications that each team member can offer.

  • What are their academic qualifications?
  • How many years have they been working in the industry?
  • What kinds of projects have they previously handled?
  • Do they have any professional certification or licensure relevant to their current work?

Methodology and Technology

Awareness is different from ability. As such, when you inquire about the processes or methods as well as the technology that a creative firm uses to complete their work, do not be satisfied when they say they are aware of how X or Y works. They must have experience or the ability to indeed make use of technologies or methods X and Y in your campaign.

Such experience and abilities prove their dedication to their craft. They understand how important it is to keep them updated with the latest trends in sales and marketing – and maybe they’ve also exerted an effort to stay ahead of such trends.


Marketing campaigns can never be left entirely in the hands of an agency. At the end of the day, you are still the one who knows your products or services in and out. Your opinion should therefore be sought at every stage of the process, and you need to outline the communication procedure between the two of you.

  • Which tasks would and would not require your approval?
  • How often do you want the agency to contact you for updates?
  • Exactly what kind of information do you require in updates?
  • How involved do you want to be with the marketing process?

Focus on these factors the next time you speak with an online marketing company, and you will eventually find the best one for your needs.

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