How To Find The Best Day Trading System

As far as I am concerned there is only one way to find the best day trading system and that is to ask the owner of the service to show you a real time track record, by this I mean how many actual dollars the system has made on the open market for the seller. These figures should extend over a reasonable time scale, preferably at least two years worth of trades need to be shown.

I’m afraid to say that if you ask for such a real time track record chances are you will not get it. Why? Because most day trading systems flat out do not work, it’s that simple, I’m sorry to be the one to have to break this to you but I’m afraid it’s the truth.

The problem is that day trading itself is based on flawed logic and as such does not work. Sure you can have a few lucky trades and make good money, but all in all the systems usually lose much more than they earn.

Often these sites, offering what they say is the best day trading system, will have testimonials claiming to have made silly amounts of money in minutes but the sad truth is these are most likely one-offs and exceptional scenarios.

Some sites have a hypothetical track record showing a good amount of money made over a set time period. The problem is hypothetical track records are just that, it is easy to make a hypothetical track record up once you know where the prices have been. If you knew exactly what the closing prices were going to be then it would be impossible not to make money.

OK so if day trading systems do not work then how come there are so many on the market? Simple, people believe the hype and they love to buy the dream. If you can promise easy money people just lap it up, it’s human nature. Studies show that around 90% of people fail to put these systems in action even after buying and just jump on the next big thing. People fail to ask the most important question of all and that is “have YOU made any money?”. This is the question people need to ask the vendor when looking to buy the best day trading system and if the vendor cannot provide solid proof of earnings then steer well clear.

I’m sure there are good day trading systems out there that do turn a profit for their owners but if you had such a system then you should ask yourself would you make it available to the public?

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