How to Harness Global Warming

Global warming will overheat the earth into pulp like substance if we are not much careful in the coming decades. Does it sound odd and will you call me eccentric by putting my logic in this way? The fact is that you must change your mindset and be liberal with your eyes open. Look, the global warming is the byproduct of the negative impact of science and the misuse of technology. However, science is not itself wrong but there are few wicked persons who want to use science and technology for their personal gains without taking care of the rest of the society in extensive way.

In actuality, the modern and upgraded technology has brought a massive change in the pattern of our lifestyle. Those belong to the elite society like to lead a comfortable life which will be much more glamorous and dazzling. They use cars and vehicles for traveling from one place to other. The dark poisonous smoke coming from these vehicles will certainly increase the degree of contamination and pollution in the air. It will be much more risky if we connive at the global warming. The unsteady increase in the earth temperature will certainly cause a number of problems which will help the termination of the world.

That’s why, we need to be much more careful and attentive while discussing this important topic in broad way. As a part of preemptive measure, the government and the legal representatives of the society have schemed to launch the hybrid cars. This is the car which has been manufactured with the upgraded technology. It is energy efficient and this highly sophisticated vehicle will check the severity of the air pollution to the great extent. That’s why, as a citizen, you must opt for the hybrid car for making the world green. It is our earth and we are accountable to save our brothers and sisters from the bondage of the environmental pollution and global warming.

In this connection, the higher authority should launch new vehicle loan programs which will give you golden opportunity to purchase the cars at low interest. It will be wonderful job on the part of the government if it thinks in this way to rescue the citizens of the world from the clutch of the global warming. Hybrid cars will definitely minimize the pollution by lowering the number of gas charged or oil propelled vehicles in the market. There are other alternative ways to check the global warming. Please stop misusing electricity and fuels which will save money and it will preserve the natural resources as well. The government must offer tax breaks and different incentives to purchase the hybrid cars to check the global warming.

Finally, the leakage in the layer of ozone is another threat to the human civilization. The entry of the UV ray through the holes of the ozone layer can heat the earth surface. It is very bad news for us. We must show uniformity in our thoughts and views to come under one umbrella to make our globe better place for living removing the threat of global warming from our planet.

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