How to Increase Your Creativity Using Physical Exercise

Exercise can help you develop your creativity. Susan, an artist suffered from resistant blocks that interfered with her artistic pursuits. To overcome these blocks she would take a ten minute exercise period. Essentially she was following a constructive method of changing what she was doing in order to overcome her mental blocks. However, she took that advice another step.

She felt that the benefit from the exercise gave her a positive feeling and, even as her body was improving with the exercise, so was her mind and mental power. By joining a gym she developed a planned program to slowly develop her physical strength.

As Susan’s physical strength increased, her mental blocks lessened. Finally, when she was exercising up to an hour each day, based strictly on feeling mentally blocked, she was able to break the back of her mental block. She believed that she had converted her physical power to mental power. And just as she could do more push-ups and crunches she could now exercise power over her unruly mind, which now came under her control.

Her output of paintings increased enormously. But even more important was establishing a new direction for her creativity from which came an entirely new approach to her use of color to express feelings in her works.

By the time Susan conquered her mental blocks she had established a strong motivation for physical exercise and continued to maintain her physical prowess by setting up a new and vigorous exercise program, a valuable side benefit from her efforts.

It has been demonstrated that physical exercise influences both the body and the mind. Over time there is a definite improvement in physical strength, a sense of well-being and an improvement in your mental ability. Memory, concentration, focus and mental energy benefit from the exercise.

Physical exercise is the very best way of maintaining overall health and increasing longevity. You will certainly feel younger, more vibrant and upbeat.

Be consistent with whatever way you decide to overcome blocks. Believe in your ability to do it. Accept that there is no such thing as a mental block in anything that you do. There are always solutions to overcome all mental obstacles. Physical exercise can be added to your armamentarium to expand your creativity and health.

by Marvin H. Berenson, M.D. July 14, 2011

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