How to Make it And Survive Even If the Stock Market Crashes

Dateline was a Sunday evening after I had finished my weekly routine scriptural exercise with my wonderful kids. Suddenly, the current global horror on financial crisis and the ‘imminent’ crash of the stock market caught my immediate attention which turned me into an instant thinking machine.

I could hardly remember how I quickly dashed to my book library to pick one of my most cherished books on investment purchased about three years ago.

Not that I had never read the book since I bought it. I had read it all over more than 3 times. What I learned from this life-changing book on stocks and investment is what I want to share with you in this article.

Most people believe that the world is set for another round of recession similar to that of 1929. ‘The stock market will soon crash’ could be one of the headlines of popular tabloid in your country.

Never mind.

You can make it now even if the stock market crashes.


Wherever you are, pay attention and fasten your seat belt to benefit from the insider secret of investing for profits and how to make it when the stock market crashes.

Decide Not To Be Average

Yes. If you really want to make it in a crashed market, you have to change your thinking first. Average investors have a pattern of thinking that drives them to take rash decisions in a down market. Being an average investor indicates that you will think exactly the same way an average investor thinks and never the way rich investors think. The way rich investors think is radically different from how average investors think.

To help you understand this point better, here is the harvested list of what you can find in the way an average investor thinks:

· An average investor thinks that the rich exploit the poor

· He thinks investment is risky

· He is not interested in becoming really rich

· He thinks that having more money will solve all his money problems

· He thinks that wealth is measured by dollar amount in the bank

· He thinks that knowing more about how business works is irrelevant to him

· He thinks and act like a speculator and gambler and not like an investor

· He has the buy, hold and pray mentality

· He lives in how that the market stays up and never come down

· He lives in fear of the market crashing

· He doesn’t know how to make money consistently in up and down market.

Now that I have revealed the mindset of the average investor to you, what next should you do?

Determine To Ignore Panicking And Selling Spree

Remember that greed and fear are powerful emotions that drive the stock market. Open your ears and eyes wide at this season. What do you hear and see? Communications of panic of course.

People are frustrated and tired of the crisis situation. They are restless and hyper emotional. Allowing such attitude to over power you will deny you the chance of making it in a crashing stock market.

Quickly get your ears, eyes and mind off what most people are saying and ignore

the prevailing selling spree and panic.

Drag On Your Stay In The Stock Market

This is not going to be easy. Be warned! But you still have to do it. It is a duty you owe yourself and your future financial fortune.

People will not understand you but you must live with that for now. Your goal is to make it even when the stock market crashes. That may not be the goal of your friend or colleague.

You need to stay calm and stay in the stock market so you can make a lot of money. This is surely not the time to get out. Think like Warren Buffet and invest like him.

Dedicate Your Time To Acquire More Education

You need excessive education before you can have excessive cash. In order words, you need to improve your ‘know how’ about the stock market and investment in order to make it especially when the market is crashing, down or when there is financial crisis as we are witnessing presently.

Improving your investment skills will empower you and give you the chance to be on top of the situation.

Acquiring more ‘know how’ now is a sure-fire way to make it in a crashing stock market.

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Good Luck

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