How to Reconnect With Your Highschool Sweetheart

Your first love is probably the most powerful one, because it showed you that life could be a whole lot richer. You had some good times together, but as is the way with the world, you drifted apart. Maybe you went to college or you moved away, whatever the reason, you lost touch. Then after a while you started thinking about them again, the fun that you had together, and maybe you realise that what you had then was something that you wished that you had developed further. It is possible to reconnect with your Highschool sweetheart, but it might not be as easy as you would like.

How much time has passed since you were at school? How much do you still resemble the person that your sweetheart fell in love with? How much history and baggage have you managed to accumulate since those happy days that you spent together? If you want to reconnect with your high school sweetheart, you have to realise that you are no longer the couple that fell in love, you are two completely different people.

Why are you looking to reconnect with your Highschool sweetheart? Do you genuinely miss the time that you had together, and a possible lost opportunity? Is your life going through a bad patch and you are trying to re-capture an illusion of long ago? Have you considered that your old sweetheart is happily married, with kids?

There are lot of stories where Highschool sweethearts meet up after years, fall in love all over again, and live happily ever after. I suspect that there are a lot more stories where they don’t.

If you know where they live then it is easier to reconnect. You’ll know if they are single or not. You can maybe get a mutual friend to find out if they are still interested in you. The problem, in how to reconnect with your old high school sweetheart is that they might have moved. We live in a society that is highly mobile, and it’s quite natural for people to move to different countries or regions. If they have moved then it can be a real test of your commitment in trying to find them.

Do they still have friends in the area who might know? Do they still have family in the area, although it is probably better to approach friends before family. Social media can be a big help with sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. You could see if your high school alumni association can help. Check the phone books. You can even try googling them. It will take some time and you might not be successful, but if you are serious about them, then it’s something that you need to do.

It is possible that you could just meet them in the street. When that happens, don’t try to get heavy, just see if they’ll talk to you, find out what they’ve been doing, where they live. And assuming that they are single, and that they didn’t head for the hills when they saw you, send the a card, let them know how you feel and that you would like the chance to build a relationship with them.

It is important to remember that you cannot pick up again from where you left of, too much time has passed for that to happen. You are looking to start a new relationship with someone, that you happen to have something in common with.

The key to being able to reconnect with your Highschool sweetheart is communication and patience. Whilst you might fall madly in love with each other at first sight, the chances are that you are going to have to get to know each other, all over again. You need to work out if these two different people can ever have the connection that you once had. Things could be complicated by the fact that you live in different cities, but if both of you love each other, then you’ll find a way. Don’t have unrealistic expectations of what could happen, just take it slow and easy, if it’s meant to happen then it will.

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