How to Solve Stress by Learning How to Feel

It is very strange that we have to solve our stress. Stress means that we ignored signs of our body that something went wrong for a long time. Or even worse: we did not even notice those signs. In fact when the stress becomes too high it can be compared to the wounds of a boxer who is injured, bleeding and full of blue marks, but doesn’t feel pain until he is knocked out.

When stress has knocked you out, you should give yourself time to learn how to feel again. If you don’t, maybe you will take a holiday or just a day of. You take some sleeping pills, or you read some articles or books about how to solve stress and you practice it. Then you can go on working too hard. I know that is not your intention. But sometimes it happens that way.

Most articles about how to solve stress forget one thing. People should learn to be aware when the stress starts so they don’t have to solve it. They will just need a bit of adjustment to their habits.

To be aware of stress building up, you should learn to feel your body. It is really learning to feel, because you did not really pay attention to your body, except maybe in cases where you became ill. Because then suddenly you are will ask yourself: what kind of pain is this, where exactly is this pain etcetera.

You can feel your body also when you have no pain. It is nice to feel both sides of your body together. Start with the palms of your hands. Feel your hands from inside. And feel your arms, your shoulders. You can continue and feel your whole body. Just make sure that you don’t stop with your head. That brings too much energy to your head, where there is already a lot of energy because of thinking so much.

My advice is to sit in a chair for about 15 minute every morning. Put your head down a little and you just feel you body. Do this every morning and you will learn how your body feels. You will learn to feel differences in your body. And you will feel it when stress is building up. Do this exercise every day so you will never have the need to solve your stress.

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