How to Tell If Someone is Lying to You – Techniques to Detect Any Person Lying to You

In this article I will first discuss some basic methods about how to tell if someone is lying to you. In the end, you will see the expert tactics used by secret investigation agencies to detect lies, exactly the techniques used by human lie detectors.

Body Language: The body language of the liar gives away. If the person is wringing the hands, playing with things around or touching the hair, the individual is likely to be lying.

Such a person avoids maintaining eye contact for long. If you try to maintain eye contact, he or she will look elsewhere such as the nearby objects.

An obvious way to detect lies is to keep asking the details. The liar will probably not be able to keep up with all the lies. He or she will not be consistent with all the lies and can be caught this way. It is likely that the person does not give you specific details while lying such as persons involved in the story or places visited. The voice pitch is also not normal.

Carefully examine how they are speaking. If they try to relax, breathe deeply or pause before saying something, it is likely that the next sentence is going to be a lie.

A study of eye movements of liars will tell you how their eyes move when they tell lies. It all matters where they look and how their eyes flick while saying something. A liar can be easily detected if he or she suddenly changes the topic of conversation. Or if you change the topic suddenly, the liar will not try to get to the original topic while a truthful person will try to clear up things.

There are certain words that someone telling a lie will use. Sitting or standing posture, anger and avoiding details are other signs of lies. All these are basic methods to tell if someone is lying to you.

These were the basic techniques to find out if someone is lying to you.

There are various Specific Advanced Techniques that can make you a kind of accurate human lie detector. So you will be easily able to know whether someone is saying the truth or not. Life will be much easier after that.

I know how painful it is when your partner lies to you. I must admit that i have experienced it myself and i have used the same techniques to find out the truth for myself.

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