Identity Theft Trend in 2010

Due to the economic state all over the world, today the cases of identity theft are rapidly increasing. Furthermore, this means that soon there will be a lot more, because the world economic will still be in recession. When you read that you probably wonder what to expect, so in that article I will give some information about how the ID thieves work and also how to protect your identity from them.

The fact that the world economy is in recession, means that there are many people, who loose their jobs. Later on they are unable to find other suitable occupations and they become desperate. At that moment, the ID thieves come. Here are some of the things that the ID thieves can do with your identification information:

• Usually they use fake job postings or telephone scams to get all the personal information from those desperate people. When, some of those people give his or hers social security number to the thieves, they use it to take advantage of loans or other financial products, for example. There are many things that the identity thieve can do with your social security number.

• Another way for the identity theft is the so called government identity theft. That way they obtain all kind of government assistance and benefits, usually through the Department of Motor Vehicles or Social Security Administration. When some of the people, who have their identity stolen, try to apply for such benefits, they are rejected. The reason is simple – they are already registered and receiving benefits. Although, this might not seem as a big deal, you will have a lot of problems with the IRS later on.

• In some cases the stolen identity is used by the thieves to commit crime. In that case, the people, who have their identity stolen, will end up as criminals. Furthermore, they will have records in the justice criminal system, which will reduce their chances of finding a job.

When you read all the things that the ID thieves can do with your personal information, you probably wonder how to protect it. The answer is simple – do not give it to anyone. In most of the states there are set laws, which say that you should provide your personal information only to the authorities that have the rights to require them from you such as the police. Furthermore, in the social networks there are many identity thieves, so when you use them you should never post your personal information. A possible way to get your identity stolen is through your social worker or from a computer at the company where you work. In that case there is not much to do, but you will notice that your identity is stolen for sure. Once you have some doubts about that, make sure that you will inform the authorities, because they can react and catch the identity thieves. Remember that if you do not want to end up owing money for something that you had never used, you have to protect your personal information.

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