Increases in Scholarship and Financial Aid Amounts!

Tuition increases and Scholarships

It is amazing how much is going on in the world of college education. States are cutting budgets college are losing faculty at an alarming rate. What that means in terms of college finances is an increase in tuition prices. Even though most colleges are raising their tuition, every student won’t be negatively affected.

Effects tuition has on scholarships

In schools that raise tuition, scholarships and financial aid won’t necessarily be negatively affected. If you are receiving federal funding for example a Pell Grant, the amount of that award will be significantly higher to compensate for tuition increases. The bad news is if you are using a student loan or scholarships that come from contest or are awarded for specified amounts, then that amount will remain unchanged. Another positive thing from tuition increases is a larger educational tax credit for you if you are independent or your family if they are claiming you…hint fill out a FAFSA as soon as possible.

Scholarship Advice

With that being said an increase in tuition will most likely mean an increase in competition scholarships and grants. Scholarship deadlines will be one of the main determining factors of who will receive a scholarship. The true indicator will be who applied the earliest. Applicants who apply close to the deadlines will be lucky to even have their applications read. My last piece of scholarship advice is to keep your options open. Apply for plenty of scholarships use plenty of resources and Good Luck!

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