Insurance Marketing to Generate Massive Insurance Leads – Volume 1

Everything begins with your positioning.

How do your clients and prospects look at you? If you don’t know how they see you, then answer this question. How do they treat you? That’s simple enough to discover.

If you are like most producers, regardless of whether you are selling life insurance, health insurance, P&C, commercial lines or any other type of financial product, you are seen as nothing more than annoyance.

Sad, but true.

Ask them “What do you think of your insurance agent?” listen carefully to the words they use, and the feeling in which they say it. The tone will tell you a lot. I’ve done this and I can tell you that more often than not, they have distian, boredom, lack of enthusiasm, and lack of anything good to say.

So how do we shift this perception?

Like I said previously, it’s all about POSITIONING.

What is positioning? It is “Your space in the market.”

You’ve likely listened many guru’s talk about a “USP” Unique Sales Proposition. (If you don’t know what this is, then pay attention to the next several articles, and you’ll Learn all about it.) Positioning is NOT your USP.

Positioning is the following:

o The of installing something as unique, distinct and valuable to your prospect.

o That thing may be a product, a person, a company or anything else

o It’s about occupying well-defined space in your clients mind

o When she considers (or desires) what you provide —

You know you’ve got it right when you and your company are the first thing that comes to mind when a prospect thinks of insurance. As you create your position, it’s important to remember the following:

“It’s natural for people to desire something more when it’s unusual and distinct – it automatically appears more precious, more special and the perceived value is higher.”

So how do we transfer or develop a NEW position?

Power Positioning Strategy:

o Build another Niche so you can be FIRST in your market

o Example: Subway sells weight loss, not fast food

o Example: The insurance broker for families with adolescent drivers

o Example: The Most Expensive Insurance Broker In Town

—again, most people are not willing to say this, which is why you will be first!

Develop a distinct and unique position in the market, and then proclaim this to the entire market place by using all the diverse marketing you can afford to use.

Source by Peter Ryan

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