Insurance Marketing – Why Bumper Stickers Work Best

The insurance industry is absolutely brilliant in marketing their products to people, and over the last 5-10 years they have taken a softer approach, and shunned all the fear tactics. Today, we have quaking ducks, talking Geckoes and Cave Men telling us to choose certain insurance companies or to go online to get a free-quote. Obviously, these insurance companies have an endless revenue stream and can afford the very best TV ads and creative geniuses to brand their companies.

Still, what can an insurance agency do locally to insure that they are in the minds of the consumers when it comes time for them to buy insurance? Believe it or not some of the low-tech advertising works the best. That’s right, not websites, TV cable ads or some tricky advertising agency scheme, but really simple old style marketing. For instance, bumper stickers work extremely well, sometimes too well. How can a bumper sticker work too well, after all if it brings in customers it’s all good right?

Sure, but local advertising agents that give away free insurance stickers at local business trade shows and county fairs find non-clients putting them on their cars. Thus, folks who do not even buy their insurance stick them on their bumpers, and each one of those insurance bumper stickers is worth as much as $200 in advertising, yet costs less than a $1.00 so you can see why it’s such a worthy technique.

Creating a bumper sticker can cost as little as $30 for typesetting and about under a $1.00 a piece when you buy 250 or more, and with the economy down we’ve sure seen a number of discounts out there for this advertising and marketing venue lately. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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