International Cell Phone Directory

Find out if an international cell phone directory really exists along with other free ways to find a person’s cell phone number.

No matter where people live in the world these days, technologies today make it possible for anybody with their own phone that is subscribed to a network to keep in touch with any other individual through various means including ordinary text messaging, voice calls, video calls, and all of the other means done through the Internet. All that is needed to really keep in touch with that person is the person’s phone number. If that number isn’t known, either another contact detail needs to be searched for such as the actual address or e-mail address so the cell phone number can be asked or an international cell phone directory can be searched.

The real question is whether or not an international cell phone directory really exists in the web. Lots of people around the world try to keep their personal contact information as private as possible making it impossible for any company or online service to have a catalog of every single mobile number in any country. While there is no best international cell phone directory website that has it all, it is important to realize that the web itself serves as an international cell phone directory and the trick is to search in the right places through different small services in hopes of finding the desired phone number.

Search Engines

Search engines like Google are the easiest services to use when finding all kinds of information. This information can include phone numbers if certain search terms are used. For instance, using Google, one can type the full name in quotation marks followed by other details that may appear in a standard profile such as the location and e-mail address. If the cell phone number has been posted in a public site or profile along with the other supplied details in the search terms, that number may be retrieved just a click away from the search results.

Another good use of a search engine is to look for smaller mobile phone directories and reverse lookup directories. Yahoo! has a website known as the Yahoo! Directory which has a “Phone Numbers and Addresses” section that has some useful links to online directory services where mobile numbers may be found. There may not be a single international mobile phone directory listed in that director, but it can be more convenient than using a search engine to find a person and his or her number.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites like Facebook and even some of the long running legitimate dating sites hosted around the net are actually an international cell phone directory in disguise since people register In that site because they want to be found or they want to connect and keep in touch with new friends and old contacts and relatives. These areas are a great place to search and are constantly improving their interfaces to make it even easier for people to get together even if it means just looking for a mobile number.

There may be some websites that may attempt to build a large international directory full of phone numbers and some might even be asking for a cost. Be careful when going for those and use the free methods in finding a mobile phone number first.

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