Internet Marketing Online Advertising – How To Reach Explosive Profits In 3 Steps With Online Ads

“Its Simple Really!

In order not to sound too cocky, I’d have to say that Internet marketing combined with some online advertising skills will mean great success to generating income. Yes, there are steps to do it and doing it right is all there is to it.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Website Loading Speed

Before you actually go out to spend any advertising dollars anywhere you absolutely must evaluate your website. People don’t like to get on your website and wait 1 minute for it to load.

Therefore, ensure that your website serves its purpose by getting your sales message through but yet still loads up pretty fast. Who cares about images? Professional graphics designers do. Not your prospects, of course unless you are selling to graphics designers themselves!

Step 2: Make Your Landing Page Aimed Towards One Objective

Sure, you have a website and if you can understand the Internet marketing online advertising lingo you will hear most gurus’ asking you to get a squeeze page. This simply means gathering your prospects email address and names.

Why is this important? You see, people normally do not buy the first time when they land on your page. They are visitors and you are a total stranger to them. Trust is what you want to earn on the first encounter when they see your website.

Step 3: Advertise In A Targeted Niche Or Market

You will find this advice almost all too often but let me tell you this is the golden stuff. Please do yourself a favor and don’t believe in those million hits traffic offers.

Instead, go for some online advertising websites which sends out marketing messages on your behalf. This is important because:

  • Its 100% automated so you only do the landing page design
  • You make the payment and track your results (visits versus conversion)
  • One More Tip And Last Step

    There is so much more to share but here is something else you need to know. Conversions are very important. Lets say you obtain 3,000 visits and that lands you about $700 in profit.

    Your visitor value is $700 / 3,000 = $0.23 per visitor. Increase this figure and your Internet marketing online advertising profits will go up!

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