Intuitive Goal Setting! 10 New Ways To Set Goals From Your Intuitive Place!

So many articles have been written about how to set your goals, yet if you are like most people it is sometimes difficult to reach those goals. Mostly because after we set our goals they really don’t mean that much to us and we forget about them.

The reason why we don’t accomplish our goals is that we set them and try to accomplish them from a place of not being fully involved with our intuitive process.

No worries… here are 10-Easy Ways To Set Goals From Your Intuitive Place!

Our Goals can be intuitively set by being…

1. Original to us! Many times we set goals that follow the expectations from society, parents, teachers, partners and cultural norms without tuning into ourselves to gain self wisdom! If this is how you set your goals they will not be easy to keep. The intuitive message here is to dig deep and set goals that are truly yours. It is important to be happy and fulfilled!

2. Passionate and inspirational to us! When setting your goals be consumed by passion! You want to be totally inspired so that you are drawn to all the events that you will experience to achieve your goals. Remember that being passionate in life makes it possible to reach your life’s purpose.

3. Harmonious to your sense of self! When checking in with your intuition see if all goals are in harmony with your core beliefs and your life’s purpose. Trust the feeling that you get inside you when you explore the relationship of your goals to you.

4. Totally realistic or achievable! When dreaming about your goals balance your imagination with reality so that you can really obtain your goals in real life. Plus, being realistic doesn’t mean you have to conform to “accepted” beliefs or squash your imagination… just make sure you can humanly achieve them.

5. Idealistic! Integrating your personal ideals on the real life situations is also essential. Tune into your intuition to explore your goals in relation to the following… by doing so you will reach your highest potential…

A. Money and Material Things,

B. Health of Body, Home and World,

C. Happiness, Love, Social Contact,

D. Learning, Awareness, Self-Knowledge, and

E. Unity, Life Purpose, Values, Sacredness.

6. Specific enough! Be exact and detail oriented when setting up your goals. Define how you want to be happy, spiritually fulfilled, etc. Being vague will set you up for not knowing if and when your reach your goals!

7. Adaptable to change! By using your intuition to develop your goals imagine the best possible way for you to fulfill your goal- not just the method.

8. Visualize, Visualize, Visualize! Visualize your goals as real, true and as part of the way you live your life. Again using your intuition dig deep and find what truly resonates with what you are visualizing!

9. Write them down! When writing your goals down they become real and statistics show that 95% of people who write their goals down accomplish them.

10. Carried out in a specific time frame! Using words like “someday” will set your intuitive process in motion to not accomplish what you set out to do. So set dates, timeframes, etc. and you will reach your life purpose!

Remember, setting goals by using and trusting your imagination will help you reach your dreams, desires, passions and life’s purpose… Don’t delay… Write down your goals using these guidelines.

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