Investment Opportunity in Airline Travel

Russia is one of the largest nations of the world covering major parts of Asia and Western Europe. Russia is also one of the major emerging markets of the world. The air travel to Russia from nations like USA has been growing at a fairly healthy rate and the growth is expected to escalate in the future. Moscow and St. Petersberg are the major destinations in Russia.

Although there are numerous airlines offering connecting services to Russian cities and other nearby destinations, it is always difficult to select the best airline offering best service and most cost effective connections. Although new service announcements occur on regular basis and one or the other airline offer plethora of schemes to attract travelers in this route, the needs of the customers on this route is still underserved. However, a new airline service called Baltia Air Lines is expected to change the rules of the game on this sector. It is a small airline which is totally focused on providing cost effective, quick and high quality connections on this route.

Baltia Airlines trades under the “BLTA” symbol on “OTCBB”. The Baltia group is based in U.S and will soon offer connections from New York to cities like St. Petersburg, Riga, Moscow, Minsk and Kiev.

Baltia is expected to provide best airline services ever from U.S to Russia. The company is introducing a new style of crossing the Atlantic with three different classes, including first, business and coach or Voyager class accommodations. The excitement to travel with Baltia will keep on increasing, as the company announces plans to offer better facilities.

This attractive offering, backed by world-class customer service and easily accessed reservation centers in St. Petersburg as well as New York, will surely redefine the travel to Russia from USA. Baltia’s offerings will certainly be a sigh of relief for thousands of travelers from USA to Russia as the company will really make the travel to Russia lot more fun and cost effective.

The future prospects of Baltia looks really attractive, given the growth rate in travel to Russia and paucity of quality services at cost effective rates in the sector.

Baltia Air Lines will offer non stop flights, commencing from JFK, New York to destinations like St. Petersberg in Russia. Currently, no other airline offers such quick and cost effective connections on this route, thereby making Baltia a sure winner after its launch.

Baltia’s pricing will be extremely competitive, a factor that competition will surely have to watch out for in this particular sector. Traveling with Baltia will simply be a delight for customers in this sector. Baltia is surely expected to evolve as a preferred carrier with its unmatched services in this sector and is expected to rule this market, as soon as the service is launched by the company.

Therefore, it is high time that value investors should start considering the potential of this company by investment in this small, but niche airline that is expected to change the norms for travel to Russia and nearby destinations.

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