Is a One Month Dating Anniversary Worth Celebrating?

Your friends may break out in a chuckle when you tell them your plans for celebrating the 1-month anniversary with your boyfriend, especially if your friends are married. To them, dating anniversaries are a thing of the past. They may not be a big deal for them but it is for you. This milestone shows that your friendship or casual dating relationship is turning into something a bit more meaningful.

Anniversaries are a special time for obvious reasons, but how soon is too soon to recognize your dating anniversary is something to celebrate? There is no prevailing answer. Some say you shouldn’t celebrate for fear that it would scare off your boyfriend or girlfriend for fear that you’re moving too fast in the relationship.

Bloggers even make comments to those asking for gift advice for 1-month dating anniversary gifts. It’s not all that common to see new couples celebrating their 1-month anniversaries, although it does happen. More commonly, couples will observe their first year or even their 6-month anniversaries.

Others say it’s OK to celebrate the milestone, even going so far as to recommend it. Every moment shared is a reason to celebrate, they say, because these celebrations can bring a couple closer and strengthen the relationship.

If you decide to celebrate this benchmark in your burgeoning relationship, everyone agrees, keep the gift simple and the occasion light. It’s not like you’re celebrating your 1-year wedding anniversary but sticking together in this toss-away society is something to commend.

The folks at Giftypedia have some suggestions on gifts to exchange for various dating anniversaries, starting with 1 month. This early anniversary is a time for sentimentality and should be a time for fun because you don’t want to risk becoming too serious too fast. Keep it light and humorous. That’s why they suggest candy and sweets, baked goods or dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Three months, Giftypedia says, is a still new relationship but shows signs of growing more serious, so you should choose a gift that shows you listen to your significant other. Give your girlfriend a CD of her favorite singer, or a book by your boyfriend’s favorite author.

Gifts given at your six-month anniversary should show your partner that you have paid attention to his or her likes and dislikes. Giftypedia suggests a trendy watch or thoughtful jewelry or even a fancy home-cooked meal. By 1 year, the gifts should be much more thoughtful but emphasize how much fun the couple has together, something like a scrapbook of pictures from the couple’s year together or other memorabilia, such as a concert ticket stub or a shell taken back from a trip to the beach.

There is a lot of advice for people in a new relationship, but you have to figure out what’s right for you and your significant other. If your partner isn’t the romantic type, forget about celebrating the milestones early on but do something special for the occasion if you’re dating a romantic. In the end, it’s all about you and your partner to decide whether to celebrate the relationship early on and how to celebrate.

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