Is Discount Safety Gear a Good Idea?

Everybody loves the great price of discount safety gear, but when it comes to safety are you in the best care with discounted industrial safety gear and workwear apparel?

If high-quality workwear and safety products meet the safety standards for the industry discounts are fine but you do need to be aware that some industrial safety gear supply companies and workwear apparel companies try to pass off their products at a discount because they do not meet safety standards. Such products are not safety wear at all.

Most times that I have seen advertisements for discounted workwear clothing or personal protective equipment that claim to be safety wear but is not, the merchants were not intentionally misleading their customers. They were just uneducated about what safety products and workwear means.

It is easy to assume that a bright colored vest qualifies for high-visibility clothing or a safety vest; however, the color alone does not make it safety wear. Fire resistant clothing is often required by the regulations for certain industries and if working in tight places it is essential that workwear does not contain straps or loose accessories that would cause the worker to get caught up in machinery and so forth. Many things have to be considered by the supplier in order to call their products safety products.

The point is, just because a product tag or advertisement says “safety” that does not mean that it is safety gear. If the price is better than other workwear and safety products, it is a good idea to check to make sure that it meets safety standards.

Most developed countries have a government agency that is responsible for regulating safety in high-risk occupations. If your company is in a high-risk industry or if you work in a high-risk job, it is a good idea to get familiar with the regulations that are intended to keep the workforce safe. A company who does not is likely to face penalties for not complying with the standards. As a worker, your life may depend on it.

The best way to find out if the discount safety gear products that you are considering buying is actually safety gear is to check and make sure that the manufacturer of the products has certificates to prove that their products have a tested and approved for their intended use.

There are several name brands of quality industrial safety gear and workwear apparel suppliers that you can trust but if you are dealing with a lesser known brand, checking for safety certificates is imperative.

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