Is Energy Healing The Same As Reiki?

I thought that this week I would write about something that I’m often asked when I tell people I am an energy healer. People often say “Oh! Is that like reiki?” And my answer is generally “well… yes and no.” So, I thought I would give my own, personal response to how I see energy healing and reiki. (Other people may well view this differently – this is just my opinion.)

Reiki is said to be a specific frequency of energy that can be channelled by the healer, who has been “attuned” to this reiki energy. As the reiki practitioner works on or above the client’s body, the energy will go to where it is needed to unblock any knots in the client’s energy field. The unblocking on the energetic level can then lead to the healing of physical symptoms. Receiving a reiki healing is often deeply relaxing as well as very energising.

The training in energy healing that I have completed at the School of Energy Healing has a similar basis to the reiki healing I have described above. At its most basic level, as a healer, I channel energy which will go to wherever the client needs it. At the School of Energy Healing, a large component of the training was working on our own energy fields and energy levels to ensure we are clear channels. Still now, after my training has finished, I practice chi kung (energy exercises) nearly every day, meditate most days, and eat a diet of nearly all raw foods, all of which helps to ensure I am physically and mentally balanced and clear when I give healings.

Energy healing is much more than just channeling energy. At the School of Energy Healing, we learned specific modalities of healing which, in my experience, can often lead to more profound healing. For example, we trained in using sound and colour in healings, as well as modalities which include a more psychotherapeutic component, such as inner child healing, relationship cord healing, or past life healings. As well as this, we learned such techniques as psychic surgery, and intention line healing – a healing that puts you in touch with your true purpose in being on earth.

In my opinion, these other components to the healing lead to more profound healing, and can also speed up and intensify the process.

Having said all that, some of the elements of energy healing require quite intense process and self enquiry, which is not suitable for everyone, and which may be undesirable in cases of trauma. In this case, reiki healing is perfect.

What do you think?

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