Is It Okay to Makeout With a Guy Before You Date Him – Is Kissing Him Before Dating Him Ok?

There are a hundred questions that run through your mind when it comes to dating etiquettes. If you need to know whether it is okay to make out with a guy even before you can date him, then you should know that it all depends on the situation. Here are some tips that will let you know if it is OK or not.

Don’t sell yourself cheap

For heaven’s sake don’t sell yourself cheap! Remember that your feelings count and you are not there just to please a guy who wants to kiss you! If you are not sure about him and find it hard to say “no” then you could get into trouble and be forced to share a kiss just because you don’t have the courage to refuse him.

It could make you look fast and easy

Kissing a guy just for the fun of it, especially when you are not dating him could make you look fast and easy. If you are particular about whom you kiss, you will earn a good reputation. On the other hand if you kiss a guy just for the heck of it, then he could go around telling others that you were “easy”

If it is spontaneous – it’s OK

Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where you are momentarily attracted to a guy and he to you. In that case, you could easily lean towards him spontaneously and he could kiss you. This is natural and could be on the spur of the moment. In this case there is nothing either of you can do to stop it.

Don’t push yourself onto him

If you try to push a guy into kissing you, then you are proving that you are hitting on him and are not very particular as to the fact that he is no one to you – just someone to kiss! This will show people that you are fast and demanding on top of it. Don’t push yourself into someone’s arms to get kissed. It proves that you are desperate.

If you need to test his feelings for you – its OK

There are times when you have to prove something to yourself. If you need to know if he is as interested in you as you are in him, and if you want to find out if he is good dating material then you could kiss him to find out if there is any chemistry between you.

Not if you have no scruples

There are many women who are not bothered about their reputation nor the fact that they have no scruples at all. These are the type of women who are willing to fall into the arms of the first guy who shows any interest in them. It is therefore not okay for you to kiss him in an intimate manner if you are not dating him.

Kissing is personal

Kissing can range from a peck on the cheek to something that is very personal and intimate. A kiss can convey your deepest feelings and emotions. If you are a person of high standards and want to be sincere in your relationships then you will save all your kisses for the man of your dreams.

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