Is it Possible to Make Your Guy Make a Serious Commitment?

One of the major questions that trouble many of us is whether it is really possible to make our boyfriends enjoy committing to a serious relationship. You may burn with envy when you see your friend’s guy make quick arrangements while yours seem to stall in the dating stage. Why does he appear so afraid of making any serious commitment?

Well, men have different reasons for taking such a stance. However, whatever the reasons may be, there are some measures that you can take to help your boyfriend get out of this frustrating rut.

Going through an endless date is not something that will make you jump with joy. A lot of conflicting thoughts may go through your mind. Should you resign yourself to the situation? Or should you move on and leave the man you love for another guy? You may even feel like grabbing him by his collar and giving him a piece of your mind.

However, giving up and looking for someone else will not solve the problem. In addition to settling for someone you do not love, there is no guarantee that the person you will find will be any different. And attacking him about the issue will just make him become more resistant.

There are subtle methods that you can apply to make your boyfriend take your relationship more seriously. The trick is to make it come out as his own idea, not something you are pushing him towards against his wishes. What is important is for you to determine that the guy really loves you in the first place.

One of the subtle yet powerful methods that you can use is to avoid anything that shows how deeply interested you are in getting married to him. If the guy sees that you are pressurizing him to settle down, he will cling all the more to his present freedom.

Everything that you do or say should not give the impression that you would want to take things further than they are at present. Instead, you should make the guy realize that you are not even considering marriage. There are a number of methods that you can use in order to drive this message. For one, you should make your own plans that take you away from him at certain times. When you are not available whenever he needs you, your boyfriend will realize that you have an independent life.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Let the things that you do show your guy that you are not entirely under his clasp. If your boyfriend is really concerned about you, he will try to take steps that will help him not to lose you. He will thus take your relationship more seriously, and he will make a more serious commitment.

If you have a boyfriend who does not appear to be ready to go beyond the dating process, you can take subtle measures that will jolt him out of his comfort. A man who truly loves you will not sit by as you slip away from him.

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