Is Setting Your Goals Easier Said Than Done?

Have you ever tried to set goals? Did they work? Is setting your goals actually helping you to get to where you are? Most importantly, do we even need to bother setting goals in our lives?

The answer to the last question above is yes. We do need to set goals. Maybe you have tried to set goals in the past but they did not work very well for you, you still need to take goal setting into serious consideration.

So why bother setting goals?

Making an effort to set goals gives you a direction of where you want to go. When you know where you want to go, every decision that you make will be in accordance to the goals you have set.

Let’s say you have a goal to start an education centre that coaches students to do business online, in 2 years time. So within these two years, you will know what you plans will be, who are the people you are going to meet, what are the rapports you are going to build and what are the courses you are going to enroll in.

This is why setting goals are so important. Have you seen successful people say that they do not what they want to do in 5 years time?

No! They all know what they need to do because they are directed by the goals they have set for themselves.

Not only that and if your goals are excited and passionate enough, you will be driven to sleep lesser, work harder and sacrifice a lot more of your free time just to make your goals become reality.

In order to do this, your goals need to be unrealistic. It could be earning a million dollar in a year time, or if you want to stretch it, it could even be done in 6 months.

Or maybe you can start an budget airline in your country in about 3 years time because you see the need for it.

These goals may seem unrealistic and impossible for a person to achieve. Yet, they are able to excite you so it gives you the drive and motivation to take a lot more action.

Imagine yourself having a million dollars in your bank account in only 6 months. Imagine you will become a CEO of a budget airline company in 3 years time.

Now if it excites you, do you think you will definitely achieve the goals you have set? The answer is no!

Even if you do not achieve the goals you have set, these unrealistic goals will bring you to a level that is much higher than your current position. This is simply because of your ability to take a lot more action.

So will you ever achieve the goals you have set? Of course you will. If you persist and continue to work on it, your goals will become reality.

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