It’s Time to Re-Build: Restructured God’s Way</Strong>

It’s Time to Re-Build: Restructured God’s Way
– Apostle John W Rhodes
Motto Text: Luke 4:1-4

I. 1st Test: Your Belly, Authority, Power
A. If you are the Son of God command the stone to become bread. But Jesus answered saying, it is written man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.

1. So while Jesus was hungry, during the time of fasting, the enemy tempted him with a “counterfeit satisfaction”. We too will be hungry at times for more things of God, of life and will be our tempted to make things appear, by what we speak, instead of waiting on God. Let’s make it plan and clear, some of you may be waiting on that Juliet or that Romeo. So you sacrifice and you prepare yourself and start getting ready, by eating the right foods, making your self attractive by the clothes you wear, exercising, going through times of consecrations by seeking God’s face, you are hungry for that right person to appear in your life, then that special person shows up, however, it’s the counterfeit future mate, but the enemy has dressed him or her up, in what you most desire, however, they are not what you need, but what you want. So you fall for them at first site, their looks are good, they smells good, even while you around them you feel good, but later you find out that they ain’t good one, satan just threw you a counterfeit. So with the power in the faith in the authority that you already have Satan want you to begin speaking that person to be what you think they should be or be in your life but they ain’t the right one. So what happens you connect with them and so things happen, out of God’s will, and we know that all things work together for the good of them who love the Lord who are called according to that purpose. So despite ourselves God however that was not God’s original intent to wait on Him to provide for you the right thing, right person that will feel the type of hunger you have for your life. So I our patience, will be tested in our faith to wait on God, and be Fulfilled will be tempted.
Also, our Authority is being tested and tried. “Command this Stone to become bread, if thou be the son of God.” That was an insult and temptation to Christ at the same time. (If you are Christ had nothing to prove) Stop trying to prove yourself in what God has made you just be who you are and walk in your calling). Satan won’t you to even command in the spirit for that person to be the love of your life, because he knows that your words carry life and power with them.

Jesus knew he was and is the son of God, while being tempted by Satan.
So the enemy was also tempting him to question his authority of who he was it is. You too your Authority will be tested to do things before your time has come. But wait on the Lord. Wait on is enabling power. So again the enemy (Satan) was tempting Jesus’ to use His power to turn the stone into bread to feed his hunger. It wasn’t so much the temptation to break the fast, but he was being tempted to use his power inappropriately and untimely. The devil has deceived many people to use their gifts and talents for the world, due to there hunger to receive more. from the musician, artist, politician, drug dealer, etc. Instead of doing things God’s way, we often times are tempted to do it our way. to be continued at