Job Bashing and Shaming in Network Marketing

One of the things I see a lot in network marketing is job bashing and shaming. In this article, I am going to talk to you more about job bashing and shaming in network marketing and how it is hurting your MLM business.


There are a couple of saying I have heard in network marketing that I have never used because I thought it was distasteful.

J.O.B. – Just over broke

J.O.B. – Journey of the broke

I understand. The presenter is trying to convince the prospect that they need to come on board with the network marketing opportunity because the job is not giving them what they want. How bad do you think this makes the prospect feel though? They may like their job. They may be proud of their job. They may want to create additional income to go along with their job.

If someone insults something you commit at least 40 hours of your week to, how likely are you to want to come on board with them? Not very likely at all.

The network marketing profession is good enough to show the benefits of without bashing or shaming another means of bringing income into their household. I have seen many people prematurely quit their jobs due to job shaming and this has resulted in the loss of homes and even divorces so when you are doing this, make sure you think of the long-term effects it could have on you and your team. While it may get them to do more activity for a short time, it is not going to be a good way to continue to motivate your team.

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