Joylife International Review – Is It Recent Hype or The Foundation of Heath and Wealth?

Joy Life International Review – Health & Wealth Hype or the Future of Network Marketing?

Joylife International, what a name. A name like “Joylife International” gives off a strong image in people’s minds. While reading this Joylife International review you will begin to have a clear understanding of the Joy Life International (Joylife USA) business opportunity and know if it’s as good as they say it is or all hype.

The 1st would be a life of joy as the name suggests. Many people relate this to the good feeling the products give and the lucrative compensation plan.

The 2nd way people view the name Joylife International is a name that’s too good to be true. “What kind of a name is Joylife, sounds like a scam” say the negative and optimistic people.

Is Joylife International A Scam?

Like all successful network marketing companies, Joy Life USA isn’t a scam, but it is in its growth phase. If it were a scam, it would be shut down by the FTC. In China and the Philippines, Joylife International has proven to be the fastest growing network marketing in history doing 150 million in sales the first year. Since it’s opening in Hong Kong just a few short years ago Joylife is bringing in a cool 20 million dollars in sales a month. 90% of network marketing companies fail within the first two years. The fact that Joylife has continued to grow and expand shows it has separated itself from the majority of companies.

Joylife USA – The Bone Chilling Truth about the Opportunity

Joylife USA hit hard during its prelaunch for the first half of 2011. The Joylife business model has very different practices than most companies. While most companies throw people against the wall to see who sticks, Joylife works with each person individually to help them get their momentum going.

You may have been excited to join an opportunity only to find that you were left to the wolves once you got in. After calling your upline over and over again you’re told to read another book and “getter done”. Meanwhile the majority of people in these companies spend gobs of money on their autoship and never sponsor a sole into their business.

Grant Pace, Jeff Bracken, and the leaders in Hong Kong want to maintain the integrity of the company at all costs. If you’ve heard someone say “you may qualify” to join Joylife it’s because it’s true. The structure of this company is so sound; they don’t want a couple of bad apples to screw it up. For this reason, people are interviews and qualified to join your business. The sponsoring process is a personable meeting rather than a flashy sales presentation. The nature of this industry is to get rich together. If a sponsor and someone looking for opportunity have common ground and both see the light they go into business together. If not there are plenty of people who qualify and are willing to put in the work for their success.

Success in Joylife is promoted through the compensation plan which is virtually different than any other company in the industry. While most companies have to reach depth before the comp plan is worth it, Joylife pays out generous commissions at even the lowest levels. We’ll get into the details of the compensation plan later.

Before joining Joylife International or any company, do your research. Don’t ever go off what someone else recommends. Find out about what you’re getting into and make an educated decision.

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