Kaizen Goal-Setting – Ask Yourself, CANI?

When climbing a big building, one has to take first small step to climb the stairs; this is what exactly Dr. W. Edward Deming has been teaching in Japan. He is of the opinion that this was the best way to make Japan a big global economic power. He is of the belief that small but steady steps can change the entire scenario in any organization and he has been encouraging people individually. Dr. Deming believes that even a small step can make big changes and result in overall improvement. People in Japan use a term known as Kaizen, which in Japanese means continuous improvement that has no end.

The two-word combination of Kaizen has very deep meaning in Japan, Kai, meaning change and; Zen, meaning good. This is the basic formula adopted by the people of Japan, even small right steps lead to great achievements. Though a four lettered word, CANI has a deep meaning in Western civilization, it is a solution to reach the ultimate goal, and it keeps people always alert towards their objective, an objective to achieve big things by taking small and steady steps.

The CANI attitude has a magic effect in the lives of the people who practice it, it is an inspiration to measure their daily improvements, by taking small and steady steps, eventually such small steps lead to huge positive changes which at times were never expected and were thought impossible. There are small examples in life which inspire people to keep on moving. It is very interesting to know that what exactly CANI offers. To make anything moving, we have to create momentum; physics tells us that it is far harder to start an object moving from a dead stop than to keep it moving. Similarly, in our daily life, small daily improvements play an important role; we should always keep this aspect in mind.

Once the momentum has been created, you must keep moving in the right direction, if we follow a particular direction, it would be easy to achieve the ultimate results. In business, it would rather give your competitors a tough time to catch you, as you had a right start and the momentum, which will keep you on the right track. The principle of momentum is applicable to everything we do in our lives, just move towards happiness; you will feel it to be easier to become happier. This attitude gives inspiration, which leads to new innovations, and makes you familiar with being successful in the accomplishment of your goals with great improvements.

Somebody has rightly said that nothing is impossible in this world, by making small improvements each day will lead to big gains ultimately. This will also help you to do things which were thought to be impossible earlier. CANI will give you a power within and you can reach your destination faster than expected.

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