Key ERP Modules and Its Functions for the Manufacturing Industry

The span of the manufacturing industry is huge and compared to some other industry verticals, the businesses associated with this industry are of greater complexity. For any kind of business, it is an undeniable fact that the better the production result is, the more the success. Now, this production result involves several aspects like descent pace, best quality, customer satisfaction, smooth execution of different processes along with many other things. Managing all these things become remarkably easier with the efficient help of a well-balanced integrated system. In this scenario, a feature-rich, high-functional ERP software is the answer you are looking for.

Every business has different nature, different processes and according to this, they need different ERP modules to work at its best. Here is a list of the key modules that a manufacturing ERP software must hold. Read on and make your manufacturing business a huge success.

Inventory Management
Managing inventory record without any fail is crucial for a manufacturing business. This module offers a range of flexible and advanced features to business managers catering them in making wise business decisions based on material availability in the stock. They can easily know which product is available in the stock at what measure by accessing this module.

Sales and Distribution Management
Managing sales order of customers, accessing customer information, preparing quotes for the orders and sending them to the required department etc. are vital for a manufacturing business. Managers need an efficient and smooth ERP module to do all these tasks smoothly and instantly. This module serves all these purposes and helps the business to co-ordinate between different departments.

Human Resource Management
The manufacturing industry and a business associated with it involve a large amount of human capital and human resource. Managing the entire workforce related to this industry demands a powerful integrated system. The human resource management module is perfect for handling key processes like training, recruitment, payroll, attendance, working schedule etc. without any kind of hassles.

Accounting and Finance Management
With the help of this module, just a simple click is enough to get relevant financial records and information of the users. These financial reports are important to the managers for preparing final reports on the business.

Excise Management
This is the only module using which the business can make sure excise compliance in the different processes. Users can effortlessly handle any transaction process related to sales, purchases, inventory along with production management.

Production Planning and Management
Optimising the resource use is such a crucial part that every manufacturing business should give proper attention to it. This module can successfully do this task along with managing material maintenance and manufacturing efforts. Every business sets some targets to reach in terms of profits. Forecasting sales orders and business data can result in better estimation of profits that helps businesses to set goals.

Service Management
This business enhancement module is mostly related to customer services such as email integration, message alerts, allocation of auto call, facilities of chat connectivity etc. This service management module efficiently helps to keep a close eye on all these customer-related activities resulting in a stable business workflow.

So, these were some vital ERP modules that help to grow a manufacturing business successfully. However, depending on your business nature, you can ask your ERP vendor for changes that would suit your business.

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