Keyword Search Engines

I have to assume that if you are searching for keyword search engines that are looking for a keyword tool or software that help you find profitable keywords for use in your efforts of internet marketing. And you would be right by trying to find one. You have probably heard some of the quasi “gooroos” (I know it’s misspelled but that is what I like to call them) that the only tool you need is the free tool Google provides you and then using the search engine with your keyword in quotes will tell you enough about the competition for you to find success. But, I say put a leash on that little puppy because I have a real dog that knows how to hunt to kill.

Many times in the forums I have challenged people with my great keyword search engine (tool) against their free tools for a charity profit donation and all I ever get is silence. The very people who espouse the virtues of the free tools for the “newbies” in these forums will not accept the challenge. Why? Maybe they are really using a better paid tool themselves. Maybe they want to keep the newbies in the dark so they can take advantage of their ignorance somewhere down the line. I don’t know the true answer but I have my own ideas about it.

When I use my keyword search engine (it is a fantastic tool by the way), I use it for more than just finding keywords. I use it to find keywords with low competition, high search volume, to find the content of my competitors and to mold that information into a plan to destroy their campaigns and completely consume a market. That is what a good keyword search engine, as you call it, will do for you. And to try to play the game of internet marketing without one is the same thing as taking a knife to a gun fight. You are just not going to win.

The bottom line is this; if you want to waste your time looking for and using free keyword search engines, people like me will unleash a fury on your campaign like you have never seen. If you haven’t been in this business long enough you probably have never seen this happen. But let me tell you, when a marketer with experience moves into a niche, he will swallow the competition and control 50%-60% of that market because he has done his research and has a great keyword search engine (tool) to lay a solid foundation for his battle plan.

You will either be the one dominating or you will be dominated. The choice is yours. Get a good keyword search engine and don’t be anyone’s whipping boy. It is a matter of making money or not making it at all.

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