Learn Hypnosis – 5 Effective Covert Hypnosis Techniques for Building Rapport

If you want to learn hypnosis effectively, you need to start with the basics. The first stage of the covert hypnosis process is building rapport. It allows you to connect to the person you want to hypnotize at a subconscious level so that he accepts your influence easily.

There are a variety of techniques for building rapport that you can learn as you learn hypnosis.

Mirror Imaging

Mirror imaging is perhaps the first technique that you learn when you learn hypnosis. Mirroring the gestures and facial expressions of the person you want to hypnotize is particularly effective for building rapport.

The key to applying this technique successfully is to make the mirrored gestures and facial expressions look natural. That is why you should use them as reactions to what the other person says.

For instance, if the person, who you want to influence, nods when he agrees with something you say, you should nod only when he says something that you agree with and not when you are speaking.

You will understand this technique fully, as you learn hypnosis and practice it. In general, the more you practice the more effective your mirror imaging will become.

Cross-Mirror Imaging

Cross-mirror imaging is an equally effective technique. You simply have to make the same gesture but in the opposite direction.

For instance, you can touch your chin with your left hand if the person has used his right hand to do so. Similarly, you can cross your right leg instead of your left leg.

Novices who are just beginning to learn hypnosis will find cross-mirror imaging easier to use than mirror imaging as it is not that easy for the person you want to hypnotize to notice. Still, all the rules for using the fundamental technique apply.

You should do your best to avoid making your cross-mirror imaging obvious. Use your gestures and facial expressions as reactions to conceal them for the critical mind and make them accepted only by the subconscious mind.

Eye Contact Mirroring

Eye contact mirroring works great as well. You simply need to look at the person in the same way in which he looks at you. Remember to use the same eye contact duration as well.

If the person looks you in the eye for a short period of time and then he looks down you should do the same. Use eye contact mirroring as you speak and when you are spoken to as well to build rapport more effectively.

This technique is not only effective for building rapport. It helps you avoid staring at the person and this is a mistake that most people make as they learn hypnosis.

Voice Matching

Voice matching works extremely well. You have to use the same pitch of voice and speak with the same speed as the other person. It will be best if you can adopt his accent as well.

In order to use this technique for building rapport, you have to rely on your sensory acuity to the fullest. Try to notice the specifics of the voice of the person as early into the conversation as possible.

They try to match his voice. Just remember to do it subtly to avoid making voice matching a mockery that will break the rapport.

Vocabulary Matching

Vocabulary matching is a very effective technique for building rapport. It is perhaps the most natural and easy to use. You will see this as you learn hypnosis and practice it. It is also more difficult for the person to notice that you are trying to influence him in some way.

What you have to do is use the same expressions and jargon as the person uses. In some cases, you can prepare for this in advance. If you will try to hypnotize a manager, you can use some jargon that he uses for building rapport.

You should definitely try to figure out which form of perception the person is using the most by catching key words in his language. If the uses auditory perception mostly, he will use, “I’m listening”, “So I hear” and other similar phrases. In order to build rapport effectively you need to use such phrases as well.

Now you can learn hypnosis and practice it more successful using a variety of techniques for building rapport. Keep learning more to become even more successful.

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