Let The Fire Of God Promote You

Exciting Life

There is one way to experience the exciting life God has in store for you! Experience the fire of God that restores, refreshes, empowers, and promotes us to a life of joy and success!

What’s Inside Of You

What is inside of you will eventually come out and take your life on a path to success or pain! Others will see the results of your inner life expressed in your outer world!

“What you have inside of you is exactly what you will impart to others.” – Rick Renner

Promotion By God

Why would God want to promote you? The answer is simple! He wants to express His fabulous goodness and amazing greatness through you! This makes you a living sign of God’s goodness!

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” – Jesus Christ

Results Of God’s Fire

The presence of God seen by Moses at the burning bush was in the form of a fire enveloping the entire plant! God spoke from the midst of this burning bush and elevated Moses to a great level of influence in his nation!

1. God’s Fire Restores

We see that the bush was not consumed or destroyed by the fire! God spoke from the flaming tree to restore Moses’ life calling as a deliverer of Israel.

2. God’s Fire Refreshes

Moses was refreshed and enthused with a new passion to see his people released from chains of bondage! God’s vision for freedom refreshed Moses’s journey!

3. God’s Fire Empowers

God transferred miraculous gifts to Moses at the burning bush! These gifts empowered him to have great influence and ability to fulfil his task.

4. God’s Fire Promotes

The results of Moses’ meeting with God at the burning bush left a legacy of freedom to the nation of Israel. This experience also gave an exciting story for inclusion in the Bible! Moses’ name was elevated to prominence throughout history as a result!

Your Promotion

Let the fire of God promote you. As we seek a personal encounter and relationship with the creator we discover God’s great plan to promote us!


Pray this simple prayer, “God I want to know You and the plan for promotion that You have for my life. Jesus, give me abundant life. Thank you! Amen!”

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