Living a Dream Life – Generate $500 Per Day Trading The Forex Market

Many of us have heard of the incredible money making opportunity that Trading Forex presents in recent years to common people because of the internet.

You probably have also heard one of the biggest investing myths is that Forex Trading is a high risk investment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Calling the Forex “risky” is like calling a knife “dangerous”.

A knife is not dangerous when it is used properly – it is an indispensable tool. Try cutting your steak with a spoon.

The same is true of Forex investing….

The Right Knowledge can equip you to have a substantial income with a very low investment. The good news is that Forex is not as complicated.

Imagine doing 9 to 5 jobs for the rest of your life or invest some spare time now learning a new skill and make a good living by working only few hours a month from home. The choice is yours. The only thing required is commitment and patience.

There are many good free tutorials online that can get you started. I would also recommend one book for beginners to get the big picture:

    • Getting Started in Currency Trading: Winning in today’s Hottest Marketplace by Michael Duane Archer (Author), James Lauren Bickford

    The other book I recommend for best educational value but is not particular to Forex but for all instruments:

    • Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications by John J. Murphy

    There are many other good books but these are the good start.

    If you do not want to learn the hard and expensive way that most people do, I would recommend the Avi Frister’s Forex Trading Machine course. The thing I like about this course is that it not only teaches you A-Z of the Forex Trading game but also teaches a unique strategy to profit consistently and systematically using his 3 top Price Driven Forex Trading (PDFT) systems. There are few other good systems out there but this one is the best in my opinion. The reason being it can be applied by a beginner or an experienced trader alike, no requirements of any interpretation or judgment for earning profit and easy to follow rules – as simple as if A=B then do C.

    See you at the top!

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