Long Distance Relationships in College

How To Maintain Your Long Distance Relationship Across the Miles

With the circus act that college life can create for students, maintaining a long distance relationship, although very challenging, is not impossible. Here are some creative ideas to implement in keeping the love bond strong and the interest level high across the miles.

1. Although the idea of using a cell phone to communicate with your distant lover is an obvious solution, many couples don’t explore all that their gadgets and connection plans have to offer to assuage the longing heart. Pimp your cell! Schedule video chats with your partner between/before/after class. This a great support booster if you need some encouragement before you give a presentation in front of 50 people, have to talk with the Dean about excessive absences, need to vent, or you just need to hear a trusting voice. To add a romantic boost to your day, try ‘hypo-texting’ on your cell phone. It takes ‘sexting’ to a whole new level! Instead of sending your distant lover a ‘dirty’ text that might include some explicit language, change the tone to mystery by sending incomplete thoughts that keep your lover guessing: such as… “I love it when you kiss me on my… it really turns me on”, or ” Remember what we did when we visited with your Aunt Sarah after she had fallen asleep in mid-sentence?… “. Tickle your mate with words to make them blush. It leaves a lasting, ‘feel good’ impression.

2. The next obvious, but underused instrument is a computer – underused based on an individual level. Not enough of us know the fuller capabilities of our computers, and hence miss out on the conveniences it can offer in exploring, and maintaining a long distance relationship. Go beyond e-mailing – send videos! That’s right. Make a special, private video for your lover! Don’t be shy. How far you take it is up to you. You can also use your laptop to have an actual breakfast, lunch or dinner date with your partner. Many restaurants and cafés offer free Wi-Fi. So, if you don’t have a wireless connection, you can hitch on to one for free or for a nominal fee. Have your screens placed face to face, and have a date together. It will give you the feeling as if you are (almost) right there in Starbucks or a restaurant while you eat, or the library while you study together. Wherever there is a connection, you can be with your mate in real time.

3. Write love letters by hand on really nice stationary. It touches the heart because it’s written by the hand of your loved one: it also shows personal effort and consideration. To save money, use organic or recycled paper that often is unusual or unique for its coloring and texture. Look for odd stationary, or use something unconventional, such as a napkin or event invitation. If you are at a loss for the right words, ask a Grandparent about letters they may have written to loved ones during the war, or times of separation. Or, check out famous love letters written by folks like Gustave Flaubert. Heck, if all else fails, consult Shakespeare!

4. Send mementos every so often – poems or sayings on magnets, mugs, T-shirts. If you can afford it, send a special announcement for your special someone through the University newspaper. Your mate will get a kick out of seeing their name in “lights”, highlighted with a message of love.

5. Buy tickets to different events in which your mate may be interested, or passes to workshops or forums that may be presented in relation to their course of study. This is a great way to show support for the goals your partner is pursuing, and offers additional encouragement and networking opportunities.

6. Instead of/in addition to celebrating Valentine’s Day, celebrate your relationship anniversary on the date you met each other. It’s your special date; why not make a big deal out of it? You will also save money if the date falls outside of the holiday season.

7. Whenever you have time to see each other, make sure it’s well planned in advance. If your time to visit is during a weekend away during the semester, get all projects completed, write all papers early and hand in (if possible). Get school off of your mind when you visit with your loved one. It also helps if you can spend a block of uninterrupted time together, away from friends and family. The time together is to focus on each other, and build on your relationship goals.

8. Find a time during the day or night when you can both pray and/or concentrate on each other at the same time. This helps you to maintain a strong, spiritual bond and psychic connection with your partner. As a result, you become closer despite the distance between you.

By implementing and rotating some of these tips within your long distance relationship, you will see a drastic boost in excitement, focus, and enjoyment that will help you sustain your relationship across the distance.

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