Love and Forgiveness Is The Most Important Piece in Improving Our Relationships With Our Loved Ones

The extension of Love and Forgiveness is the only path to true and lasting happiness.

In order for anyone of us to truly be happy, we have to monitor our thoughts and the projection of our feelings to the people that we are interacting with. It is in our ego’s nature to see what we are thinking and feeling in those individuals that we are interacting with. We project our inner self to our loved ones, our friends and colleagues. So, if we fill ourselves with love and compassion, this will be all that we will extend to the people that we interacting with.

The following two quotes put this whole idea in perspective: “Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them. It alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves.” By Pierre Teilbard de Chardin

“We do not love people so much for the good they have done us, as for the good we have done them.” By Leo Tolstoy

We live in illusion that we are separate from one another and this is the work of our egos. The ego (our counterfeit self) covers our loving and compassionate self. Each one of us is the essence of love, which is an extension of God. God is love and we are the children of God so our true self is Divine Nature. If we are to live a Spiritual and happy life, we need to extend nothing but love to everyone on this planet. It may sound altruistic but it is not. It requires that you monitor your thoughts and refrain from extending hate, anger, fear and any negative energy from your self. Remember that we came in to this world as pure love, so what happened to us after birth?

Unleashing the love within you will require that you monitor your thoughts and extend forgiveness. Holding on to negative energy will deprive you of your happiness. In order for us to experience true love, we must forgive and accept each other on in ongoing basis. The main function of love is to forgive. Love and happiness is within you and if you freely extend it, it will come back to you ten fold. When you hold on to anger and hate, the only person that it really hurts is yourself because most of the time the person that you are angry at doesn’t even think about you. While you fester and extend negative energy, this individual is living his or her life. As long as you think you are right in being angry and hateful towards another, you will continue to be unhappy. When you extend negative energy, you will get back negative energy. Learn to forgive and accept, your peace of mind and happiness will return.

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