Make it a Habit of Doing One Good Deed a Day to Help You Manifest Prosperity

Believe it or not, helping others and doing good deeds actually brings you closer to manifesting abundance and prosperity. When you perform good deeds for others, you feel good and therefore raise your vibration which in turn aligns you with your deepest desires. Then once in the correct vibration, you need only ask and send your request away on a wave of faith, and it will be brought to you swiftly.

So not only are you raising your feeling vibration, but you are also making others happy and generally making the world a better place for everyone, especially yourself. A good way of keeping track of your good deeds and planning them in advance is to keep a small pocket sized notebook where you can record and plan your deeds. I usually write my deed for tomorrow before I go to sleep and then when I wake up I know exactly what I am going to be doing that day, and just the knowing I’m going to do it raises my spirits and puts me in a fantastic mood. The deeds don’t have to be huge, they can be as small as giving a beggar some money.

Doing this along with a few other techniques such as meditation, visualization and keeping a gratitude journal will turn you into a magnet to your desires because a positive and well honed mind is like a fertile garden just waiting to be filled with beautiful flowers and vegetables. So don’t waste another minute. Tend to your garden with love and it will bear you some of the most beautiful flowers and the most delicious vegetables you could imagine.

What you give out, you get back tenfold. So give love, gratitude and faith and you will manifest prosperity and abundance into your life with relative ease. It takes a little commitment and the hardest thing i found when first starting out on my own spiritual journey was that my bad habits were so deeply ingrained that i often allowed them to overpower my will and stop me from doing any technique for more than a few days at a time.

Unfortunately, if you want results quickly, you may be a little disappointed because you usually need to do several techniques for at least 2 weeks before you start to see major differences in your life. This is because your mind just isn’t used it and needs time to adapt. It will be constantly fighting you for the first two weeks, but once the two week period is over, you will find it becomes much easier to stick to your new way of thinking and results will not be far behind.

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