Make Your Advertisement Effective – Tips on Uploading Images on Craigslist

Placing advertisements on Craigslist and other online classifieds has revolutionized access to services across the entire country. Here are some tips to make your advertisement even more effective by adding images!

Never use stock photos or such. Craigslist is a great place to sell used stuff. Your items have been obviously used by you, and are in a faded, or worn and torn condition. So why do you want to post a photo of a brand new item copied from some other website instead of displaying what you have actually got? It is better to be honest in this case.

Keep you things well dusted. Just because you want to display exactly what you have got doesn’t mean that it should be dirty or messy. Take the time to clean or dust your stuff before taking a snap of it.

Flip your picture to the correct angle. To get a good coverage of our items, we often turn the camera in various angles to snap a shot. Do not upload such weirdly angled pictures and leave your buyers scratching their heads guessing the head and tail of your picture. Take a few seconds and post the image after flipping it to the correct angle.

Use the Crop tool. A crop tool is found in all image-editing software. Use it to cut unwanted background junks to get a clear view of your item.

Upload only the best picture. A good picture should neither be too dark, nor too light. It should be focused and not have any distracting background. Take at least a dozen pictures. Choose the best after uploading them all on to the system.

To sell anything, you need to upload the best picture.

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