Mayan Astronomy and What it Says About 2012

The Long Count calendar of the ancient Mayans ends on the Winter Solstice of the year 2012. Many scientists and astrologists have been looking at Mayan astronomy for years now and are considering if the end of the world as we know it is at hand.

The Long Count calendar began mapping out the heavens on the day that this current age of Earth began over 5100 years ago. All of the scientific evidence points to the Mayan astronomy predictions to be accurate.

There is a huge significance in the year 2012 in that lunar-solar records, cosmic events and ancient knowledge all point to a Galactic alignment at the end of the year 2012. The Mayan astronomy accurately predicts this galactic alignment. All of the most up to date astronomical software shows that the galactic alignment is set to happen on December 21, 2012.

The center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, will align with the ellipses of our solar system in conjunction with an eclipse and a very irregular planetary crossing. The last time that this planetary alignment occurred was 26,000 years ago.

Even before any modern technical advances in astronomy, it was a known fact that there were other planets in our solar system. That evidence comes from ancient records. In 2008, an impression of a planet was found behind Pluto, and is thought to be the 10th planet in our solar system. Just how close it will come to Earth in 2012 is not yet known, but the ancient Mayans knew that it was there and are expecting its return in the year 2012.

Source by Rob Stouffer

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