MCI32 Ocx Error Fix – How to Repair Errors Caused by the MCI32 OCX File on Your PC

MCI32.ocx (“Media Control Interface”) is a file used by Windows Vista to aid programs with the use of the Visual Basic 6.0 framework. Stored in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder of your computer, this file is continually being used by a number of different applications & programs on your system, allowing your computer to run extremely smoothly and effectively. The reasons why you’re seeing an error caused by MCI32.ocx is all down to the way in which some versions of Vista were mistakenly not shipped with this file.

The errors you may be seeing with MCI32.ocx include:

  • Runtime Error 329: Component MCI32.OCX or dependencies not correct or registered. A file is missing or invalid.

In order to fix the MCI32.ocx error on your system, you basically need to repair the issues that are first causing it to show. The problem with this file is that it’s often left outdated or missing from a number of Vista installations, meaning that if you want to fix the problems that are causing the error to show, you need to first ensure that the file is the correct version for your PC, and that it’s able to run how your PC needs it to.

The first step to repairing this error is to reinstall any program causing the error to show. Although this file is installed with most versions of Windows, it’s also being outdated & damaged – leading your PC to become unable to read it properly. Reinstalling any program which uses the file may prompt them to place a replacement of the file onto your PC, allowing it to read what it needs to again. This will not only allow Windows to run much more reliably, but prevent the 329 runtime error from showing again.

In many cases, people find that reinstalling a program that uses MCI32.ocx on their system does not actually fix the issue – and if that’s the case for you, it’s then time to manually replace the file on your PC. MCI32.ocx can be downloaded from a number of different OCX file deposit sites and then placed onto your PC. This will refresh the stored file, which should allow Windows to read it correctly again.

You should also use a “registry cleaner” program on your PC to ensure that there are no registry issues that are causing problems with the MCI32.ocx file. The registry is a very important part of the Windows system, as it stores a huge number of vital settings for the typical Windows PC. Unfortunately, it’s also a central cause of problems for Windows, as it’s continually causing your system to continually save a lot of its files in the wrong way. This not only causes your computer to run slower, but a corrupt registry is the most likely cause for a number of different errors appearing on your system as well. To ensure this is not a problem, it’s recommended that you use a “registry cleaner” program to fix the various errors that could be causing the runtime 329 error on your system, from inside the registry.

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