Medical Resume Cover Letter – Why You Should Never Copy an Online Cover Letter

“Let your medical resume cover letter sell you.” That’s what I found online. Not much else on how to accomplish this. I did find some samples of what to write but they never related to me or my level of experience. Some had too much information and others were so bland and generic it was like reading a bad hallmark card.

Copying a medical resume cover letter you find online is never a good idea. Most are the same recycled information. Filling paper but saying little about you. You need to make a statement, especially with how competitive the field is getting. I wish they’d stop running those commercials all day about the medical field. Anyway, copying is not a good idea because it’s always generic and it doesn’t call the attention of the reader. You want them to go over your resume. With a letter that doesn’t engage the reader it not going to happen.

Try to imagine talking to a person, in their own language. Not to friendly. Make it easy to read and make reference to parts of your resume that you want them to go over. Most times they skim over them. Tell them where to skim for them to find the most relevant information you want them to read. Keep the letter to one page and supplement what you covered on the cover with what’s on the resume.

What ever you do. Don’t take a medical resume cover letter and all its information from an online source and keep the experience as your own. This is not the field to do it in. It’s not advisable in any field, much less in the medical field. The medical field has a lot to offer and there will always be opportunity.

For those who want to do the little extra work it takes, the medical resume cover letter, will sell you if you present it well. A custom letter is what worked best for me and my family. There are two nurses in my family and one of us is in the educational field. We all used the same tactics and fortunately we got jobs in a relatively short period of time.

Hunting for a job is a drag and having to do if for longer than needed is worse. Go custom on just about every company you submit to and they will notice the extra work.

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