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Medical transcription outsourcing has helped the world wide medical industry to become efficient and performance oriented. Because of this various medical firms have planned to avail such services from various BPO companies in India, China and Philippines. Business process outsourcing has become an essential part of many industrial organizations. Now it is time for medical sector to walk on the same route. For this reason medical centers or institutions have decided to outsource various medical services from some of the well known offshore outsourcing service provides. One of the medical services that have gained huge popularity in this field is medical transcriptions.

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is a part of transcription services in which voice recorded reports or statements are converted in a text format. The reports are normally dictated by the medical professionals and are recorded in various audio formats. The job of converting the recorded statements into high quality text formats are normally assigned to transcription professionals. The professionals can do this job very easily by using the latest tools. Therefore they are also able to meet the strict deadline.

The professionals that are entrusted to carry on with the job of medical transcriptions are referred as medical transcriptionist (MT). The method of converting recorded voice into text was invented in the year 1960 and that was solely meant assist the various process of manufacturing. Later on this unique procedure was used to serve the medical field and that gave birth to medical transcription.

Importance of Medical Transcription:

Medical transcription holds a prominent place in medical field. This service allows a medical professional to safely store the confidential information of patients in electronic text format. In many medical centers MT or medical transcriptionists are hired to do the job. But now the medical institutions have decided to offer this job to the BPO service providers that are well versed with these kinds of jobs. This allows them to save plenty of time and money.

Why Outsource Medical Transcription?

In the United States, the average pay for transcription professionals is normally around .06 to .08 cent for every line. But countries like India, China and Philippines can do the same job at a much lesser cost. This is mainly because of the massive difference in currencies. The US dollar is highly expensive whereas the currencies in third world countries are very cheap. Because of these monetary differences, BPO companies based in those countries (India, China and Philippines) are able to deliver high quality services at a lower cost.

The transcription professionals in various BPO companies are highly trained. Apart from this the service providers are even using the best tool for the job. The tools are highly sophisticated and loaded with plenty of useful features. By using these tools the medical transcriptionist can churn out maximum medical reports in high quality text format. The professionals are trained by their respective employers. Therefore the clients can make sure that the work they would be getting is absolutely error free.

Medical transcription BPO service has grabbed the attention of every medical institution in USA, UK and Australia. Even countries like Sweden and Denmark are looking for best medical transcription service providers to help them to document the medical reports. This has become clear that outsourcing of such medical services can really help the medical institutions to enhance their efficiency.

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