Message From the Universe: Creativity at Its Best

“For the record, you’ve not missed anything, you don’t even know what down-time is, and every single second of your life so far – resting, playing, distracted or not – has been profoundly creative.

We’re on a roll,
The Universe”

Every minute counts, regardless of what you do. You feel that you aren’t productive because you do not see immediate results to you hard work. Patience is a virtue and you need to take that time to plant seeds until they grow and provide wealth and happiness. Every little step you take in life is a step closer to where YOU want to go. If you want to succeed, you will do anything and everything in your power to make every minute count. It is important to be balanced and work smart. It is not because you end up putting thousands of hours in a project that it will be guaranteed to succeed. Quantity doesn’t define success.

We all strive to better ourselves in our careers, our relationship, our family, our friends and society. No matter what you do, it will have somewhat of a direct or indirect impact on others. Never underestimate your presence on others. Everything you do to help will still have a positive impact around you. Focus on what you can give to others, even if its small in nature. You might think it’s meaningless, but in reality, for that person who receives the help, is definitely meaningful. The most important thing is to make that first step to help others. After that part is accomplished, you can enjoy the changes and the smiles you brought in those you’ve helped.

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