Mil-Prf-680a – An Ideal Replacement for Toxic Degreaser

Regardless of a company’s industry, having a commercial degreaser on hand is usually crucial to keeping its facilities and/or its machinery in clean condition. Today, however, the effectiveness of degreasers is based on more than their cleaning ability; it is also based how friendly they are to the workers that apply them and the environment, which can also impact how friendly they are to the company that uses them. In most cases, companies that have shopped with a particular solvent supplier for years tend to continually renew their contract with the supplier, regardless of the safety of the supplier’s solutions. If this describes your company, there are major reasons to switch to a safer degreaser, such as mil-prf-680a, today. Below, we look at three basic ways that switching to mil-prf-680a or a similar eco friendly degreaser can benefit your company.

Improved Workplace Safety

Toxic cleaning solutions that compromise workplace safety do so by emitting hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), which cause temporary respiratory distress and nausea that lead to absenteeism, and can eventually cause chronic illnesses in workers that are exposed to them over the course of years. What this means for companies is more than having potentially disabled workers; it also means facing the possibility of multiple lawsuits that result from toxic exposure in the workplace, which can damage a company’s reputation as severely as its finances. If you think that you’re saving money by buying toxic solutions instead of eco friendly solutions, you might find out the hard way that you actually aren’t.

Better for the Environment

Because companies that are committed to “going green” are more highly thought of by consumers and other companies than companies that aren’t, even companies whose only concept of green is money claim to be interested in doing what’s best for the environment. However, as the novelty of the green movement fades, identifying who’s putting their money where their mouth is will get increasingly easier. If you’re company has been talking green for the past year or so but finds talking easier than acting, don’t think that people won’t notice, including your company’s workers. Doing something behind the scenes, like switching to safer cleaners, is an obvious sign of commitment.

Anticipates EPA Regulations

As the green movement progresses, the EPA will continue its prohibition of toxic chemicals in industrial and commercial settings, which means that products that contain the chemicals will be prohibited as well. EPA regulations don’t happen overnight. But companies that aren’t environmentally focused often remain unaware of the regulations until they find them at their doorstep. To avoid ending up with a supply of toxic cleaner that you can no longer use and no research in place on a replacement solution, identifying and switching to an environmentally preferred or an environmentally safe cleaner today is the best option.

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