Miniature Police Badge Lapel Pins – A Great Item For Crime Awareness And Instruction

Miniature police badge lapel pins are a wonderful tool for educating the

children of our local schools the important role of the people who serve our

community. Lapel pins that are created from the police badges are incredibly realistic

and are exacting in detail, dimension and colors, just like the real thing!

Remember as a child when you took that first airplane ride and as you entered the

plane the flight attendant gave you the pilots wings lapel pin? you were so proud

and from that point on wanted to become a Pilot. The exact same thing applies

when a Police Officer hands a miniature lapel pin to a child, the respect of

that child towards that officer is immediate. The child places the lapel pin

on his shirt and from that day forward dreams of becoming a respectable Police Officer.

Police departments in our community often present programs to our schools for such

things as drug awareness resistance education (DARE) and anti bullying, gang awareness

and even internet predators. Lapel pins produced for these programs are given away

by the instructor and worn by the children, what a perfect way to get a message across!

Miniature badge lapel pins are created and offered as a very inexpensive item usually

around the .90 per piece area. The badges (lapel pins) are reproduced including the

same colors as the authentic badge and the stamping of the badge is highly intricate

replicating the lines leaves, buildings, and even the texturing in the background.

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