Modular Home Facts

Do you want to enjoy the look of “standard” on-site homes, while avoiding many of the hassles related to them? If so, then you should consider modular homes. Here are some need-to-know facts about such homes:

1. They are mobile homes (at first).

Here is how they work. A company first produces the various modules of a modular home, within a factory. The company then transports those modules to the house’s site, and assembles them there.

2. They are built in a climate-controlled environment.

Another important issue is the one of climate control. That involves the construction of the modules, and the storing of the materials. Placing the materials and modules in a climate-control environment helps to maintain the integrity of both.

3. They can be built quickly.

In fact, it is quite common for the construction of modular homes to require only one-third of the time needed to build traditional on-site homes. This is due to various factors, including the ease of constructing the modules in the controlled environment of a factory. Another benefit is that the use of full-time factory workers helps to prevent the occasional need for hiring replacement contractors on-site. The result is that you can often move into your new home in mere weeks after ordering it. That can provide you with several benefits, including lower financing interest rates.

4. They are cost-effective.

While this is due to various factors, it is mainly based on the bulk construction of modules in factories. The manufacturing of modules in factories becomes like clockwork, making it extremely efficient. Also, the purchase of bulk building materials helps to reduce the cost of the home.

5. They can be quite energy-efficient.

Whether you want to protect Earth’s environment or to simply save a few bucks-you can enjoy this benefit of modular homes. Their energy efficiency is due to several factors. Those include the precise construction of the modules, the amount of installation included in the walls, and so on.

6. They require minimal on-site work.

The vast majority of a modular house’s construction occurs in the factory. After the modules are completed, the modular home company transports the modules to the home’s location. After assembling the modules, some of the house’s on-site components to be added include:





*siding (exterior)


And since modular homes are constructed in climate-controlled factories, they can be assembled throughout the year. There is no need to worry about how the outdoor elements could delay construction of a standard on-site house.

7. They provide outstanding quality

It would be easy to assume that the quality of modular homes is substandard, due to them consisting of various modules. But in fact, modular home factories have the equipment to ensure that the house is built to fit together like jigsaw pieces. They also have a myriad of materials that will help to provide you with numerous options for your home. While adjustments are sometimes needed, a modular home company can make them easily in the factory.

If you are looking for the perfect house, then consider piecing it together via a modular home.

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