Muscle Building From Home

Contrary to popular belief, building muscle is not only restricted to men who want to achieve Herculean-like bodies. Muscle building is getting more popular among women as well.

A while ago, a slim, model-like or waif sized body, was the dream of women. More recently, some female celebrities have helped to bring toned, muscular arms and hard rock abs, back into fashion. Now, interested women are all lining up at their local fitness clubs, ready to get into muscular shape. Of course, the simple fact is that not all women are lucky enough to be able to afford a personal trainer, for such a task.

The good news is that there are other types of simpler workouts, which can be done at home and they do not require the help of a personal trainer. The best thing about muscle building exercises is that they focus on problematic regions of the body, such as the hips, flabby underarms and the tummy.

Housewives, who have given birth to their babies, tend to collect fat at these areas. These groups of women are usually not too fortunate since they are busy taking care of their kids, up to the point where they forgot to take care of themselves. Women, who are taking care of their children, do not have to put-off building up their own muscular physique.

Rather than buying junk food to eat leisurely in front of the television or computer, invest your money in buying an exercise ball & dumbbell, and spend your free time exercising with them.

The ball workout is good for helping to turn all that fat around your tummy area, into muscle. Roll on the ball and do a few crunches, for starters. A few days later, you can increase the number of crunches. Try around a hundred crunches a day for a flatter stomach.

Using dumbbells is also a good workout, which can help to build a toned upper arm, as opposed to having flabby “chicken wings.” Your newly toned arms will be a perfect match to that sleeveless dress, for those special anniversaries with your husband.

You can try performing those different exercises with the dumbbells or exercise ball, for at least 20 minutes each day, when your kids are taking a nap.

For slimmer hips and a more muscular lower half, you can try working out with a jump rope. Skipping is a good form of exercise, which helps to build-up muscle at the knee and thigh areas. Skip for 50-100 rounds a day during your free time.

It is a good idea to alternate these different workouts routines, for each of the targeted areas of your body, on a daily basis. For example, the exercise ball can be done on Monday, then the dumbbells lifts on Tuesday and then skipping on Wednesday. Then, continue this cycle for the rest of the week, alternating a different exercise on a different day. On weekends, take the kids for a walk in the park, just to increase your metabolism rate.

Muscle-building is no long just for career women or female celebrities. Even busy housewives deserve an opportunity, to look good for themselves & for their husbands. Try out these exercise suggestions for a month, and make your husband’s eyes pop, when he sees how good you look after that.

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