Open PDF, Excel and Word Files Trouble-Free

Over the years, the paper documents are gradually being replaced by electronic documents. The advanced computer technology has designed and introduced applications to make the task of a user easier and simpler.

Portable Document Format is a non-editable computer application which is popular across the world. It is a portable, compatible and secure format. It can present the data or information across multiple platforms. A person can also incorporate graphics, images, audio and video files to the PDF documents. Sometimes, when someone sends a mail to you in a Portable Document Format, you may not be able to open the file. The solution to this problem lies in installing free of cost Adobe Reader on your system. This tool helps you in viewing and accessing the PDF files.

Word files are editable formats with which you can completely customize your data the way you desire. It is very frustrating when you can receive a Word file and you cannot open the same. Try changing the file extension from .docx to.doc.

Excel documents are useful for storing and sending numerical information. If you face any kind of difficulty in accessing them, you can simply save the file in a different extension from where it will be accessible such as from .xlsx to .xls.

Sometimes, a person may not be able to access a file in any format whether it is PDF, Excel or Word document when they are stored in Compact Discs or Digital Video Discs. Before going back to the sender complaining about the non-accessibility of the content, you first try a few things with your CD or DVD. Clean up your CD as even a scratch or a fingerprint can cause difficulty in reading the disc. Many a times it works when you open the disc from your desktop instead of opening it from disc’s folder. In this way, you can open your disc from the hard drive of your computer. Try burning the CD again and ensure that there are no other programs running. You can convert word to PDF or vice versa using PDF converter software and make conversion easy and smooth.

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