Open The Floodgates of Abundance

If you want the floodgates of abundance to open wide for you, here’s a surefire way to do it.

It’s truly not an intuitive strategy. Many of my coaching clients resist it. I also must confess that I sometimes resist it too. It’s a hard one to swallow when your life or business gets intense.

Are you ready for the number-one secret to solving every challenge you have?

Chill out.

That’s it. It’s the best strategy on the planet to rake in the abundance.

Anytime you feel the push that you must work harder, take more action, or figure out how to solve a crisis, simply take a step away from your current focus.

I spent almost two decades working on my business whenever I felt inspired.

Now my time is very limited since I had two children. Gasp!

Early on I set my intention that my life would be more balanced as a result of having babies and that I would make more money. I’ve had to remind myself of that declaration many times as I practiced letting go of all my “to-dos.”

I am thrilled to tell you that my business is currently the best it’s ever been. The added bonus is that I started reading again as soon as I had baby #1. I used to only read business and self-improvement books. Now I read for fun. The more time I spend chilling, water-skiing, and out of my office, the more inspiration I have.

More opportunities and clients come my way, too!

I noticed this same phenomenon in the real estate industry. I was coaching a whole office of realtors, and they joked about how every time they went on vacation, their business thrived. They thought it was unique to their industry. Nope. It’s a Universal Law.

When you release any resistance or stress in your life, you allow in the abundance that is your birthright.

This law is the reason we benefit from sleep, walks outside, meditation, movies, good music, and great conversations. These actions pull us away from any worries and toward more joy. Even an afternoon of hooky or play will allow you to get back to your life with a fresh perspective. Change your perspective and change your life.

Is there a topic in your life where you need to let go of all thought? A mini vacation from that issue will allow you to reconnect with your inner guidance. Once you’ve allowed yourself to come back to your power source, you’ll easily and naturally find the next step to take.

As they say, “Let go and let God.”

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