Outdoor Advertising With Banners and Billboards

Banner advertising is generally viewed as an effective means of advertising outdoors. It is often used for grand openings and special promotions, as well as for holiday sales. Banner advertising is seen as an alternative to more rigid signs, which are harder to install and change. Banners are usually printed on PVC vinyl, with grommets, or holes, punched in for easy hanging. Because they easily move, they are more likely to catch the eye of a passing pedestrian or motorist than a solid, unmoving sign. People often associate banners with grand openings or going out of business sales, so if they are looking for bargains they will be drawn to banner advertisements.

Another outdoor advertisement type is mobile billboards. These come in various sizes and styles. Some are small, like in the cities of Japan, while others can be huge advertisements placed on flatbed trucks, such as can be seen at large sporting and music events in the United States. Companies that specialize in this type of advertisement will track the best routes and time of day to drive through a specific city, and usually base part of their price on this knowledge. Some of these rolling billboards have sound systems and illumination, and they can even offer product samples.

Buses are another way of advertising for companies and public service announcements. They can be painted or wrapped in various promotions, and bus stations and shelters are often used in advertising as well. On some buses, there are now product displays on the inside of the bus, and ads can be printed on the back of the bus ticket.

Wrap advertising is now offered to private citizens by certain companies. People can opt to have their cars wrapped in vinyl promotional ads, which is easy to remove, or choose the more permanent method of painting advertisements on the car. The company pays the car owner to keep the advertisement on the car for a certain amount of time, usually from 1 to 3 months.

Some people consider blimp advertising the ultimate in outdoor promotion. The cost, which hovers around $300,000 dollars, puts blimp advertising out of most people’s reach. However, if a company can afford it, it has been shown to be highly effective. A company can put almost anything they want on a blimp, and can even use it for nighttime illuminated promotion. Currently, there are only around 25 blimps used for advertising in the world.

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