Passive Vs Active Creativity

Each day you may wake up and write in your journal, practice yoga, meditate, or create something visual. In other words, you may have a consistent routine of creative momentum that brings you joy.

But where does this daily practice lead? You feel energized and creative; ready to begin your day, yet something seems amiss. How can these creative activities lead you to a new awakening? What are you yearning for that you would like to see brought to life?

It is at these times that we need to begin to formulate goals. To see a bigger or greater project based on our daily creative routines. It is vital and important to create each day. Now becomes the time to shift the mind-set.

There seems to be a necessary play between what may be called Passive versus Active creative work. The enjoyment of creating each day as part of your routine is necessary. Creating with a goal supports your need to actively participate in your life’s purpose.

What is the main creative outlet in your life that you wish to “solidify”? How can you work each day towards your project goal?

Below is a list of steps that will support you in creating goals for your project journey:

1. Set aside time each day to do your “work”.

2. Be proactive-you have a dream to create this project so set the stage for yourself and get to it.

3. When fears arise, practice affirmations, get supportive friends and share your thoughts, let the negative thoughts pass and get right back in there.

4. If a break is necessary, give it a time limit and get back to your task.

5. Set your goals into reasonable chunks of time.

6. Begin to look at venues that would be good to share your work.

Take a look now at marketing, preparing to share your work, shows, and presentations. This can be worked on in tandem, but is a necessary part of all creative work. How will you share it with others? Visualize what this will look like to you. Be thinking of your audience. Who would be most interested? The greater picture is to present, perform, and share your work.

Perhaps you have always been about the process of your creativity, but the wheels keep spinning. The performance (the presentation of your work) is a chance to use the spinning wheels to propel your artistic work straight up with the power of intention.

Where are you on your creative journey? Take the time to reflect on your own work and goals and share your brilliance.

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