Pay Credit Card Debt Complements of the US Government Using Federal Law

You pay credit card debt over and over every month for years without making any progress whatsoever. It is not a nightmare but it is a fact! Watch “frontline: the card game” on the net to see how you were victimized by credit card companies to keep you paying for at least 20 years on a $500 card purchase.

You were a hard working citizen, honest, always paid bills on time, trustworthy and a provider for your family but the scheme has changed all that dramatically. Now you may be totally unemployed or working part-time and facing the toughest financial time ever in your life with some debt collector ringing your phone and calling you a criminal because you are behind on a credit card payment.

Times have changed! Corporate greed teamed with a banking system that is out of control has plunged the nation into a depression and it will take years to get the economy going again. Now when you cannot pay card debt you are seen as some kind of undesirable, too lazy to work freeloader because the financial system is in chaos.

The founders of our country had no idea what a “credit card” was or it would have been forbidden by the Constitution along with the fictitious banking system in use today but luckily they did guarantee freedom from tyranny with liberty and justice for all!

Are credit cards a form of tyranny; is a 30% credit card rate legal, would a Mafia loan shark be happy with a 30% return? These questions can be answered by any banking lobbyist you might run into in Washington DC but for the little guy who cannot pay credit card debt there is a simple solution using federal law in the form of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

After you have been tricked, robbed and deprived of a job to earn income Uncle Sam draws a line in the sand to protect citizens from unfair collection tactics and all you need to do is use the existing federal law to demand proof that you owe an alleged debt. In other words answer a collection letter by certified mail with return receipt demanding verification or proof that you owe an alleged debt. Legal proof does not exist case closed.

Knowledge is power and your rights under federal law are more powerful than any banking institution or credit card company. Do not allow yourself to be ruined financially because you did not take the time to discover your options. Live, love and have fun because life is too short to do otherwise

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